Real-time Customer Tracking & Mobile Engagement

Vuetrx is a hardware agnostic, real-time BLE/Beacon user tracking and mobile engagement solution that adds customer intelligence to your app and allows targeted loyalty campaigns to be pushed to users.

You can deploy your own version of Vuetrx on Heroku in seconds using the Heroku button below:

Using BLE/Beacon technology, Vuetrx recognizes your app user, allowing you to track user behavior and provide personalized, targeted engagement. Vuetrx offers seamless real-time integration with Salesforce, with data being pushed to your Salesforce account via Heroku Connect.

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Salesforce is a cloud computing and social enterprise SaaS provider. Salesforce CRM service is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Collaboration Cloud (including Chatter), Analytics Cloud and Custom Cloud (including


Heroku provides the tools and services you need to build and deploy customer-facing applications without having to worry about infrastructure. Heroku Connect makes it easy to synchronize data with your Salesforce instance. Vuetrx uses Heroku Connect to push data in real-time to Salesforce.


ActionHero.js allows you to easily build fast and scalable server applications in JavaScript. The server-side of Vuetrx is built on ActionHero.


iBeacon is the beacon technology used for location-based communication between iOS devices and iBeacon hardware. Vuetrx facilitates this communication by tracking app users via their location.